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Watch Artie Lange Crap All Over Joe Buck's First Show

Even if your cable package went out last night, you've probably heard about the rather tepid debut of "Joe Buck Live." Tepid, until Howard Stern joke monkey Artie Lange destroyed everything Joe Buck holds dear on live television.

After the show went off the digital airwaves, there was another online-only portion that takes the vitriol up a notch. That's what you're watching in the above video. Joe does everything he can not leap across the table strangle Artie with his bare hands.


Joe realized almost immediately that the project he has spent half a year developing went completely off the rails and is about to hit a tree and explode. I don't know what he (or his talent bookers) expected Artie Lange to do, but they got what they paid for. Artie launched right into the homo jokes and never looked back, flustering Joe at every turn and driving the final segment into the ground. Things couldn't have gone worse.

More on the fallout, throughout the day.

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