Watch Ex-Canadian Football Greats Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca Brawl As Only Old Guys Can: With Canes

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Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp Fist Fight - Complete Video - Unedited

As you can see, ex-CFL stars Kapp and Mosca came to blows during an alumni luncheon during Grey Cup Weekend. The scuffle occurred when, for some reason, highlights were shown from a championship game where Kapp Mosca made a controversial hit on Mosca's Kapp's teammate, Willie Fleming, forcing him out of the game. Despite Kapp's peace offering of flowers, Mosca was having none of it.

The two got into it, inspiring one of the funniest sentences ever: "According to witnesses, Mosca used his walking cane to ward off Kapp's punches." And then, one of the funniest sentences to follow one of the funniest sentences ever was written. "Mosca's post-football career included involvement in the World Wrestling Federation."


We'll leave the question of whether this is a work or not up to The Masked Man, but for now let's just enjoy two old dudes ruining Grey Cup Weekend by acting 60 years their junior. Chris Berman is probably mortified, and not just because his pop culture references are the same age as these guys.

h/t Tim H.

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