The above video, taken from the BMX World Championships in Rotterdam over the weekend, just goes to show that the better you are at BMX, the more likely a fellow competitor is to ride over your head.

This year's annual championships followed the same predictable storyline: a chaotic start leads to the crash of a defending champion, eliminating the chance at back-to-back titles. It happened to Great Britain's Liam Phillips and Australia's Caroline Buchanan; Team GB rider Shanaze Reade knocked herself out of the comp before it even started, crashing during her training camp and leaving us with an amazing hospital selfie. Success in BMX seems largely based on the capricious nature of the rider in front or alongside.

But the most difficult part part of pro BMX is that the season isn't even finished. The UCI Supercross World Cup (a totally separate series) includes two more events before its conclusion at the end of September. After this weekend's crashes, athletes have to hope their luck holds out for two more months.