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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Watch How Michigan State Locked Down Louisville Late In Overtime

Illustration for article titled Watch How Michigan State Locked Down Louisville Late In Overtime

Michigan State is headed to the Final Four after an overtime thriller against Louisville.


It was another tight, dramatic game, featuring some legitimately heart-pounding free throws late in regulation. In overtime, the Spartans took a four-point lead with 36 seconds to go after a heady offensive rebound and putback by Branden Dawson.

On the Cardinals' next possession, they seemed hesitant to shoot, wasting valuable seconds off the clock. In reality, Michigan State played one of its most impressive defensive possessions of the game:

Sure, Louisville isn't running an extremely complicated set, but the Spartans didn't give up an inch on this possession.


The guards fought through picks. The team switched at the perfect time. Watch Bryn Forbes as Quentin Snider starts his drive to the hoop. Forbes has the pick played well, and is nimble enough to scramble his feet back and cut off Snider's drive to the hoop. Denzel Valentine, who switched assignments earlier in the possession, had the lane covered perfectly, and knocks Snider's pass away to a teammate.

There were plenty of times throughout the game that both teams abandoned their offense in favor of some hero ball. On arguably the most important possessions of the game, great defense shut down an attempt at real offense.

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