Watch Marshawn Lynch Frustrate Adult Reporters By Not Talking

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Marshawn Lynch had to sit through another five-minute session with the media today. As expected, he didn't have anything to say—"You know why I'm here" was his go-to answer for the day—and oh man did that get under the skin of the grown men who, for some reason, continue to ask him questions.

Get a load of the plainly frustrated jamokes in the video above. One guy, who sounds like he's way in the back, just starts shouting over someone else's question. "Is it possible not to talk?! Is that why you don't talk?!" is all I can discern. (What the hell does that even mean?)

"Why do you feel like you should be able to not do what other players are contractually bound to do?" asks another wiener.


Then one particularly aggrieved reporter brings the heat. "Marshawn," he proclaims, "isn't this whole act just a way for you to get more attention for yourself, and it's ultimately a selfish move when there's so much other things that go into winning for the Seahawks [mumble mumble]?"

Once again, these are grown-ass men who are so upset that a football player won't say things like "I'm excited for the big game" and "Whichever team wants it more is going to win" that they've managed to turn an exasperated running back into America's most effective sports-media critic. Meanwhile, this happened:


For sure, man. For sure.