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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Watch The World Champion USA Junior Hockey Team Sing The Loudest And Most Off-Key Rendition Of The National Anthem Ever

We won! Though we were widely considered underdogs to the Russian and Canadian teams, the USA squad made it to the finals of the World Junior Championships in Russia and triumphed over Sweden, 3-1, to take the gold medal. Not only was it hockey—hockey still exists—it was a great American triumph, as Florida Panthers draft pick Rocco Grimaldi scored the tying and go-ahead goals after a less-than-promising start to the game.


As Desi_Relaford noted in the game thread: "Nothing is more American than winning a gold medal in a sport that barely registers in the US in a tournament most American don't know about against a team who has been on the front page of their country's newspapers for the past 3 weeks. USA! USA!"

Let's celebrate with the USA team's rendition of its own anthem: "OhOhoHH SaaYEEE CAN YoUoUoU SeEeEeE..." You can hear voices cracking. It's beautiful, it's own way. And even if it's a bit off-key, it's not the worst we've heard.