Yo, got your Indian Premier League cricket highlights right here. Delhi Daredevils against Royal Challengers Bangalore, happening thousands of miles away today. Already epic, I know. The Daredevils’ Shreyas Iyer clocks what looks to be a possible 4 until, at a dead sprint in the field, RCB’s Shane Watson catches up to the ball. He snags it at a dead sprint, staggers forward, and as his momentum carries him over the line, he flicks the ball back to teammate David Wiese for the out. Well, “to” maybe be a bit strong; more like “in the general direction of.” Wiese dives to complete the catch, landing inches from the rope. Altogether, purty.

You and I can see it’s a hell of a play without having much context. Cricket Twitter, though, went ahead and flipped its collective shit.


Still, the Daredevils won by 7 wickets. This has been another in a series of moments that makes cricket look dope AF.