FC Copenhagen played hated rivals Br√łndby IF yesterday in the Danish League, and their fans were ON IT. They created a giant tifo for the spectacle, which wasn't a tifo so much as it was a movie, with a plot, moving parts, and real smoke.

The tifo depicted an FC Copenhagen cannon shooting two cannonballs at Br√łndby Stadium. One fan ran actual pictures of cannonballs across the tifo before dropping them on the stadium. Then, through a separate backdrop and witchcraft, the fans show Br√łndby Stadium collapsing to rubble, amid fire and real smoke.

This was the tifo equivalent of "Hit 'Em Up." Unfortunately, FC Copenhagen stalled, and drew their rivals 1-1. The fans, however, were fired up, and afterwards still managed a 200-person brawl. It feels like that means the tifo did its job.

h/t to Laura