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Watch This Sideline Reporter Almost Get Smoked By A Baseball

On another day, this story would've been an obituary. Well...that's a little hyperbolic, but on another day this story would've been about how Brewers sideline reporter Sophia Minnaert has to spend the next couple of months in a cast after getting a few metacarpals broken, or at least bruised. But that's not what this is. This is a happy story.


Minnaert was working the Pirates-Brewers game yesterday when an errant ball came out of fucking nowhere and knocked the microphone out of her hand, into her face, and onto the ground. She should've cursed. She could've quit. Nah. She kept going, because she's tough, and she didn't physically get hit. She ended up finishing her segment, and when the Brewers' opportunistic trainer walked over, she waved him off.

It's a good thing the ball missed, because they hurt like shit when they hurtle through the air and then collide with bare flesh. We're happy Ms. Minnaert didn't have to deal with that. That would've sucked.

In other news, Pirates won, 5-2. So...the Pirates are good now, or something? Why are the Pirates good now? What is happening?

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