We went ahead and did our best to de-corporatize Tim Lincecum's Red Bull spot for your enjoyment (basically, we took out the sound). Red Bull used the same effect you see in those wonderful NBA Phantom spots โ€” courtesy of something called the Phantom Flex High Speed digital camera system โ€” to record Lincecum's delivery, which has often been called "freakish."

When Lincecum was a kid, he told Sports Illustrated in July 2008, his father Chris would train him by placing a dollar just above and to the left of his front left foot. Young Tim would have to release the ball and pick up the dollar in the same motion. You can see the effect of that diligent motion on his follow-through here.

"My dad's always stressing, 'Pick up the frickin' dollar! If I put down a hundred-dollar bill, you'd pick it up every time!'" Lincecum told Tom Verducci. "If I get out there and get myself over [the front leg], my follow-through should be the tail end of when you whiplash a whip. That's what it is for me. Like Tiger Woods finishing his swing."


And it's just as lovely to watch.