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Watching Keith Hernandez Get His Mustache Shaved Is Painful For Many Reasons

Mets legend and current SNY announcer Keith Hernandez dispensed with his mustache of 25 years today in a charity stunt outside Citi Field today, emerging as a young- if freakish-looking man unsure in his certainty of having made the right decision.

The Schick-sponsored shaving aired live on SNY's web page, and was accompanied by painful pre-shave tributes to Hernandez's mustache during which the former first baseman's facial hair was referred to as "iconic" no fewer than a dozen times. If that wasn't cringeworthy enough, the barber hired to carry out the act looked more Sweeney Todd than Floyd Lawson. Either the barber wasn't a pro, or he was inexperienced using the shitty Schick razor that earned mention on the broadcast nearly as often as the mustache itself. Either way, the jagged stabbing at Hernandez's face was painful to watch—at least for fellow hirsute folks.


In the end, Schick donated $10,000 to Hernandez's adult day care facility, which is wonderful and generous. Hernandez himself, though, seemed awfully unsure about the whole thing and sounded afterward as if he planned to regrow the thing in the offseason.

[Keith Hernandez Shaves His Mustache For Charity]

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