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Watching Willie Randolph's End Of Days

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The speculation surrounding Mets' manager Willie Randolph's chances of survival once he returns back to the not-so-cozy confines of Shea has reached an all-time high. You can't read anything about the Mets embattled manager without a forboding headline attached to it and the Mets' brass has been reticent in their votes of confidence, as the New York media vultures go full-on death circle.


Is this fair? Randolph doesn't seem to have changed his managerial style at all since 2006 as he was being hailed as savior and the perfect, steady hand the Mets needed accoriding to fans that seemed very content to move on from Bobby Valentine's bluster.

With the "racist" comments, the current losing streak, and the rancid smell of last season's epic collapse still being wafted, it may actually take a long, sustained winning streak in order for Willie Randolph to save his job or he'll most likely be back in L.A. next year, sitting on the bench next to Joe Torre.


The thing is, a bounceback in baseball season is entirely possible. Whether Randolph will get a chance to see that happen seems highly unlikely at this point.

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