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Way Less Charming Than Harold And Maude

There's a lot of track and field on TV today, but it's the boring kind. It's the kind where the female athletes are older than 16, and they aren't married to their 40-year-old track coaches. But don't worry, we've got that covered, too.

In a decision I'm sure she won't regret years from now, 16 year-old student Windy Hager married her 40-year-old track coach Brenton Wuchae on Monday. After the ceremony, he also resigned from the school where he taught, which was probably a good idea ... either because he'd be fired anyway, or because he'd eventually find a 13-year-old he liked more.


Sigh. It's hard to understand how something gets to this point ... where a 40-year-old man decides that a 16-year-old girl will never change her mind or want anything else in her life, or how the parents end up signing the consent forms. And unlike Pacman Jones, there's not a haircut this guy can get to make anyone feel better about him.

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