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Wayne Gretzky Officially Has Better Hair Than Justin Bieber

The only part of this clip from today's episode of "The Talk" that's really worth watching is at the very beginning. The host asks for "somebody to help me out," as in, to make some noise, and a girl in the front row stands and holds her arm up in desperation; she's thinking she'll get to say something to Justin Bieber or maybe touch his freshly-sheared hair.

And then a man in a suit emerges, and there's a sudden drop in screams as the girls turn and stare in confusion at the old guy with a flow that out-flows even the old Bieber flow. They have utterly no idea who this human might be! Bieber, to his Canadian credit, knows immediately, and he and Gretzky play some air hockey (which gets strangely tense) and then Bieber gets an autographed jersey and a hug.

And at that moment, every girl in the audience thought to herself: "Oh, to be that random old guy with the nice hair."



Hickey's here. Bring your talents right on back tomorrow.

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