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Wayne Rooney Met Some Old Friends

Photo credit: Michael Regan/Getty

The photo above shows Everton striker Wayne Rooney antagonizing the nearby Manchester City fans after he’d just scored against the home team during yesterday’s match. The keen-eyed Twitter user @Mirallas noticed that this picture bears a striking resemblance to another post-goal Rooney celebration at City’s stadium, one from nearly five years ago. Of most note between the two pictures is the nearly unchanged positions and reactions of three particular City fans:


Here’s a bigger version of the earlier photo from the December 9, 2012 Manchester Derby:

Photo credit: Paul Ellis/Getty

In summary, Wayne Rooney is still scoring goals, still delighting in angering the same Man City fans, Man City fans are still responding en masse with “up yours” signs, and all is right in the world.

h/t @Mirallas


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