"WE BE CHAMPIONSHIP": Draymond Green's Mother Pens Open Letter To Warriors Haters

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The Warriors are probably going to win at least 70 games, and are currently on pace to eclipse Michael Jordan’s 1996 Bulls and win 73. They’re good and fun and they’re killing everyone, but even they’ve drawn some haters. Draymond Green’s mother wrote an open letter to those haters. Hey, Oscar Roberston, Stephen Jackson, and Albert Burneko: “STOP SPEWING ENVY!”

She starts by addressing the criticism that the Warriors were lucky to win last year’s title because they stayed healthy:


That’s right the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! Last year was supposedly a fluke. Critics were talking, calling it luck, attributing Warriors success to other team’s injuries. But, as I was always told, a WIN IS A WIN. Whether it’s by 1 point or by 50, a win is a win. And in the case of the Warriors, a CHAMPIONSHIP IS A CHAMPIONSHIP! Every team that has hoisted the trophy has benefited from breaks. That’s always a part of being the last team standing. So whether all the opposing players are suited up or not, the Warriors did their job: they won.

*Leandro Barnosa voice* WE BE CHAMPIONSHIP

Here’s where it gets good. I’m here for, in particular, her shot at the Proud Man act that former players put on when they call today’s NBA players a bunch of whiny snotbabies:

Even after such a great year, and the Warriors following that with sheer domination this season, the “so-called experts” and former basketball players are slinging mud at Golden State. All the talk is about what the Warriors can’t do, what would have happened in another day, why what they are doing isn’t so great after all. MOVE ON! It happens with every generation. Whatever happened to wanting the next generation to be better than the last? What ever happened to being supportive, proud and uplifting, considering what this team is doing to spread the appeal of the game? STOP SPEWING ENVY! Especially you former players, even you legends, these players are who you use to be. They are walking following your footsteps. And nothing they have said or done suggests they aren’t appreciative and grateful for their predecessors. You have their respect. So RELAX! Last time I checked, records are made to be broken. Eras are going to change. Progress is supposed to be good.


She ends on the following coda:

Whether they win it all or not, one thing is for certain: BASKETBALL HAS CHANGED. And, quite frankly, I’m glad it has. Because, truth be told, we were all beginning to YAWN!


You can read the whole thing over at Bay Area News Group.


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