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We Don't Have To Use "Mr." On Second Reference

As you might know, we occasionally write for places other than our little baby Deadspin, but this week, we're taking on way too much work. In addition to running matters over here as usual, we will be writing a daily column for TimesSelect, the paid-content arm of The New York Times. We're not really sure what it's going to be yet; probably just a rundown of the day's tourney events in a hopefully amusing way (and with special first-person goodness!). The first column is up, and it's just pretentious enough to make it past the firewall over there.

Now. Before you yell at us. Yes, TimesSelect is a paid site (it costs eight bucks a month, unless you're already a subscriber to the newspaper). So if you don't have an account there, you can't read the column. But: There are a couple ways some enterprising folks have tried to sneak around that. First, if you have an .edu email address, you can get an account for free. Or, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial, a timespan that just almost exactly coincides with the length of time we'll be writing for them. (We'll have a few more columns after the fortnight is over, so if you're just so hooked by then, either by us or by Maureen Dowd's trenchant observations on how "men are like this, but women are totally like this," by all means, stay on.)


Or you can just be all, "I don't want to read your stupid columns anyway," and that, of course, is totally acceptable and, in fact, encouraged.

And the Play-In Game Goes to ... Affirmative Action? [TimesSelect] (subscription)

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