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We Got The Hits, HITS!

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You thought everything was happy with the Mets, didn't you? First place, tons of hitting, all kinds of excitement. Happy times, right? Well, that is, until the team released that ridiculous theme song "Our Team, Our Mets", which is the type of song that would make the Baha Men go, "Man, that's embarrassing." It's from Breakthru Productions, and it very well might be the worst team rally song since "Sweet Shaun Alexander."


As you can probably guess, the Mets bloggers are banging their heads against their desks.

Faith And Fear In Flushing: "Never before has 74 seconds seemed to last quite so long, has it? You didn't think anything could make you feel more kindly disposed toward 'Chocolate Strawberry' did you?"
Metsblog: "As my friend, Henry Lee told me, 'I almost began projectile vomiting when I heard it. Teams like the Yankees stick to classy stuff, and it's our Mets that always try these cheesy, lame attempts to be cool. Aside from being a cheesy, lame song, I can't for the life of me figure out who this track appeals to, as it features generic hip-hop beats with a corny, lolly-pop, 80's style rap."
Transplanted Mets Fan: "I just listened to it. I am embarrassed. I will say no more. Listen for yourself, if you dare."
New York Observer: "The Mets came out with a new theme song today, which like its title ("Our Team. Our Time.") and the advertising slogan it accompanies ("The Team. The Time. The Mets."), celebrates terminal punctuation. Our question: Can 45,000 fans rap all at the same time?"

We get the hits, HITS! We score the runs, RUNS!

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