We Have Found The Worst March Madness Bracket Ever

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The regular "bad bracket" is boring. There's not much fun in mocking someone else's picks. We're all throwing darts at the same dartboard, after all. But the bracket you see above, which was sent to us by a tipster who is presumably in the same tourney pool, is something else. It's an impressive hot mess. The total wipeout of 1-seeds in the second round isn't even the craziest part of it.

Look at the East region. At one point, Villanova plays itself in the most grueling Elite Eight game ever. Cincinnati's plugged in after, though Villanova still wins.


Now look at the West. BYU beats Oregon, but Oregon advances to beat Wisconsin. It's a good strategy to cover all his bases.

Finally, the championship game is fantastic, in that it's impossible. Louisville and Baylor would have to play each other in the Final Four. But maybe every team in the East and South will come down with a nasty cold, thereby forcing the Bears and Cardinals to play again, or something. You never know.


If this is the first bracket by this guy, it's understandable. The North Dakota State upset is a good start. And technically, Baylor hasn't been eliminated yet! His champion's still alive!