We Have To Ask ... Special Bud Selig Edition

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Tomorrow afternoon, baseball commissioner Bud Selig will host a live chat with fans from the All-Star Game festivities in Pittsburgh. The chat isn't live, necessarily, considering you can submit your questions a day early. But Selig will be there, probably, and it's possible his typist might even occassionally talk to him before he inputs Selig's answers.

We thought we'd help out anyone who might be strapped for questions.

• OK, how about this: Winning league in the All-Star Game has its players exempt from steroid testing for one year. You can thank me later.


• You and The Nutty Professor: seperated at birth?

• Could you come speak at my son's school? It's desperate, insane, in-way-over-their-heads leaders week (any day but Thursday; that's Kim Jong-il).


• So, the hope is that by awarding the All-Star Game to Pittsburgh, it will make them forget that, as a small-market team, they have no chance at a World Series?

• We saw you in Bermuda recently and ... black socks and dress shoes at the beach? Why doesn't this surprise us?

• We applaud the live audience concept for this chat, but isn't making us sign a loyalty oath to attend taking things too far?

• Joe Mikulik as manager of the Pirates. An idea whose time has come?

• Bud, since you've accomplished your most important goal during your tenure — to get Japan a World Baseball Classic trophy — wouldn't you say that your work here is done?


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(We'd love to hear your own after the jump.)

(By the way, we don't hate Selig as much as a lot of people do ... but we can confirm it is impossible to find a photo of him where he doesn't look like a complete doofus. We really tried.)