We Pity The Grant Wistrom

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We're noticing a rather bewildering lack of excitement about the conference championship games this weekend; it's almost as if fans have pretended they're network executives and are frustrated there are no New York, Boston or Chicago teams playing. Come on, guys! It's the NFL! It's for the Super Bowl!

Oh, fine. If our little pep talk won't get you appropriately fired up for the playoffs ... how about this picture? Who is that, exactly? Why, it's Seahawks defensive lineman Grant Wistrom, all decked out in his best Halloween garb. We mean ... how can you not root for — or against — this guy? Nothing boring about him! Just watch this guy all game ... he's a white guy dressed up as Mr. T! Complete with blackface! What more do you want?


Grant's Gridiron [Seahawks.com] (via Turf Toe)

(That picture is from two years ago, by the way. This year, here was Napoleon Dynamite; picture is after the jump. He's no Portis, but close enough for goverment work.)