Last night, in Indianapolis, the Colts were awarded their Super Bowl rings at some sort of soiree. Some sports marketing guy was there and filed a full report. It will come as little surprise to you that the Comedy Ringleader of the evening was ... Sinbad.

I had to mention Sinbad for a couple of reasons. First of all, he was flat out hilarious. He started out talking about how he remembers Tony Dungy from his prep days in Michigan, where both men grew up. He was ALL OVER our coach for wearing a big afro, and tight 1970's shorts, etc. Very funny.

Oh, we're sure he was! If there's a better analogy for the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl than the fact that they had Sinbad host their rings ceremony, we can't think of one.

We Got Our Rings. This Is So Cool. []