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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

A team of what appeared to be adult major league athletes suited up for the Texas Rangers on Thursday night. They were playing the third-worst team in baseball, the currently skipper-less Royals. To look at them, and to look at their opponents, you had to think they at least had a chance. What could go wrong?



That was an unlucky break, though, as it is unusual for a catcher to field a potential wild pitch as it caroms right off the hitter’s face and then immediately gun the runner down at second. Maybe a sharp liner up the middle from Royals nine-hitter Ramon Torres that rolls calmly up to center fielder Delino DeShields Jr. would be an easier proposition:

Yeah, okay.

The Royals won 8-2, running Rangers starter named Austin “Austin Bibens-Dirkx” Bibens-Dirkx and the rest of his team well out of their own stadium. No word on if the actual Texas Rangers will return for the second game of the series on Friday.

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