Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It’s fine to know nothing about football. It’s also fine to know everything about football. What I know about football is: nothing.

Still, it’s fun to predict what will happen when powerful teams—one slightly more powerful than the others—compete head to head in an effort to win a ring. Players smash into each other violently, and the ultimate outcome is the sweet taste, smell, and thrill of victory. Fuck an analyst. Here, three Jezebel staffers with varying levels of knowledge about the game predict who will win the next Super Bowl. Ashley Reese’s intuition suggests, “Based on the wins from the last five years, maybe the Seahawks have a chance?” And Megan Reynolds thinks, “I feel like the Steelers would maybe make it.” One of us has to be right. We’ll find out in February.


Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden; Creative Producer: Joon Chung

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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