I went to the set of this year’s annual Puppy Bowl, and I made sure to bring a camera. The more I type, the more you’ll have to scroll past to see the baby animals, so I’ll cut that shit out.

The kitten halftime show filmed first. Backstage there were pens filled with kittens trying to wriggle out of their glow-stick collars.

Seeing the set filled with tiny baby kittens first made it seem comically small, particularly after it was overrun with rambunctious hounds the next day.

Since cats are less inclined to play with one another, it took a certain amount of effort and accessories to keep them engaged...

...lest they wander off.

For the Puppy Bowl shoot, dozens of dogs are broken down in size groups, so assholes like this big boy don’t walk all over pups who can’t handle his size.

Like this lil’ guy.

Not gonna lie, that’s a handsome pup.

Some dogs only have three legs, but they’re still good boys.

But mostly, backstage was for napping.

Look at these fancy dogs play football!

The shoot was back in early October (remember when we still had hope for the future?) so by now most of these good boys and girls have been adopted—many by journalists there that day who got suckered into impulse pet acquisitions (I very nearly went home with the all-white kitten). But the shelters they came from are full of other cats and dogs who need homes. If you want a pet, please adopt one.