We wrap up our roundup posts of the weekend's games with the most boring game of the weekend: The Colts' dreary win over the Ravens. Despite not having the best game, Peyton Manning was squawking afterwards about not getting respect, or something, but the main thing he did right Saturday was not being Steve McNair. You can say that a game in which the Colts score five field goals without a touchdown is "well-played" and "hard-hitting," but this is the Colts, and we don't believe you.

It's hard to get too worked up about the Ravens' losing; this has never been the most charismatic team and, besides, Brian Billick is always more likable when he's frustrating and failing. But now the Colts are one home game away from the Super Bowl, and that strikes as insane, considering how inferior this Colts team has been compare to past ones. Hey, who do they play again? Anybody notice? Maybe we should wait until someone mentions it on television.


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