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Wear The Jersey Of Your Favorite Player's Venereal Disease!

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You might remember the famous OutSports expose on the words that the NFL won't allow you to print on the back of their jerseys. Apparently, this guy, from the Atlanta game last weekend, was somehow able to iron on this tribute to Ron Mexico himself.

From the anonymous prankster:

I got tons of laughs and comments from the jersey. Pretty much everybody thought it was hilarious — got a lot of "hey, Ron Mexico!" comments, as well as hearty belly laughs. Even got a free beer out of it from a guy who thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Anyway, so when I took the picture, the Falcons were just coming back from the halftime break and I went down to the rail behind there bench and turned my back so they all could see it — I think Vick even is in the background. Had Ashley Lelie yelling something at me, so at least someone saw it and reacted. I'll assume he may have mentioned something about it to Mr. Mexico, if he didn't see it himself.


We appreciate the subtlety of ignoring the easy "Mexico" jersey and just cutting to the chase: "HERPES!" Awesome.

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