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Illustration for article titled Wearing A Fish Bib And Singing An Italian Song Did Not Give Tommy Lasorda Or Lou Piniella A Heart Attack, TMZ Says

This was the scene Sunday evening at Bamonte's, an Italian restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn that's been open since 1900. Bamonte's is a wonderfully old-school red-sauce joint—try the stuffed peppers appetizer and the eggplant rollatini—and it's not uncommon there for a couple of old-timers whose names end in a vowel to croon a few bars of "Way Marie" as they wipe the clam sauce from their chins. So it was for former MLB managers Tommy Lasorda and Lou Piniella.

TMZ has video of the performance, which was recorded by some other patron. But Lasorda had a heart attack the next day, and he was released from the hospital yesterday, according to the AP.


So what was the headline on the story TMZ published early this morning?

We Didn't Give Him A Heart Attack!!!

And the lede sentence?

The owner of the Italian restaurant where Tommy Lasorda ate at the night before his heart attack insists ... his fine establishment is NOT responsible for the baseball legend's coronary catastrophe.

Whew! What a relief. Somehow, Piniella survived the enjoyable dinner experience without incident.

We Didn't Give Him A Heart Attack!!! [TMZ]

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