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We'd Also Try To Get Our Parents To Do Less Drugs While Pregnant

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On the radio show Coast to Coast with George Noory last night was one of our favorite guests — John Titor, a gentleman who claims that he is a time traveler from the year 2036. Of course, the mind reels with the possibilities. What is happening in the distant future of 30 years from now? Is the series Lost any closer to making sense? Has Ted Williams' head been brought back to life? Are the Raiders any closer to hiring a head coach?

Actually, it was a lot of talk of gravity fields and string theory and the fact that each of us has a doppleganger in a parallel universe doing the exact opposite of what we are doing here — which means, somewhere, that play in the Steelers-Colts game was ruled an interception. But here's what we'd do if we could travel in time:

• See if Babe Ruth really called that shot at Wrigley Field.
• Bet the guy sitting next to us $100 that "On the next play Franco Harris will catch a deflected pass and score a touchdown."
• Change history by stopping, at all costs, the courtship of Dick Vitale's parents.
• Warn everyone about Two and a Half Men [Official Site]


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