We'd Love To Hear More Of Jason Whitlock's Ideas About Communist Mastery Of The American Media

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Yesterday, Fox Sports personality and All Takes Matter co-host Jason Whitlock sent some interesting tweets about Communist financial influence on the American media:


We are embarrassed to admit we don’t have a firm grasp on the details of how Communist money began to infiltrate American media institutions following the 2008 economic collapse, although we have Googled the Chinese Communist Party.


If there is one thing that Deadspin supports, though, it is bold truth-telling, particularly when it comes from the host of a talk show that airs in a prime time slot on a major network every single day. Jason Whitlock is in many ways the face of Fox Sports, and most people in his position would shy away from such unvarnished discourse for fear of taking a hit to their Q score. Scott Van Pelt might not have the stones to tell you what’s really going on with the Marxists who have propped up the American media, but Jason Whitlock sure as hell does.

This is why we’re inviting Whitlock to expound on the ideas he expressed in his tweets from yesterday. This seems like a huge story that nobody is covering, and Deadspin would be the perfect place to publish a deeply reported, encompassing feature on the sinister machinations of the American media’s Communist paymasters. Pitch us your story, Jason! We pay competitive freelance rates.