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Here's a photo Carl Monday submitted from commenter "That Just Happened" when the jack-happy roving reporter attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of Cleveland''s RTA HealthLine, which is a big fancy bus. Public transportation frotteurists in Cleveland should reconsider using this line to satisfy their need for public groping. Anyway, let's see: Isiah Thomas, Erin Andrews, Bill Simmons, Carl Monday...yeah. It's turn back the clock day on Deadspin, apparently. Let's see what else happened this week: • Drew Magary: baseball fanTaking out the Philly trashCathletesBuzzsaw PoliticoFavre keeps having phone troubleRays fans are wretchedIsiah has some sleep problems Oh and the World Series. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Phillies lost last night. I didn't write about it. I am officially a front-running bitch. Going to the game tomorrow though. And apparently Tuffy will be liveblogging it. He's kind of like Sussman, but with longer finger nails. Joining Tuffy in KOGOD's Weekend Army this weekend will be Rick Paulas. So Deadspin this weekend will look exactly like Sports By Brooks last weekend. Enjoy your weekends. Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin.


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