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Welcome Back To College Football, Where God's Away On Business

Spencer Hall at Every Day Should Be Saturday has published his annual ode to college football, and this one's a haunted, Tom Waits-y doozy, in accordance with the NCAA's summer of scandal.

A chunk:

You will first have to accept that this breaks your heart. You will have to accept that this is in some part a scam. You will have to accept that you are bad firewood walking: wooden, a puppet guided by strings pulling you in directions you can't always understand or accept. You'll have to accept, in one form or another, that God's away on business, and you will have to take care of this yourself no matter how long you have to run. You have to accept that the only redemption for the large, cheap machinations of life is the redemption of experience, the only thing you can control.

You will have to accept that any fraud can be redeemed with work, and the long determination to get things right.


Now, go read the rest.


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