Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We are the surviving members of a blog that used to exist called Fire Joe Morgan.


Founded in 2005, its original purpose was to garner support for a proposed mosque to be built in lower Manhattan, but as time went on, it evolved into a site dedicated to the eradication of poorly written sports journalism. Over the three years we were in operation, we were 99.44% successful, which is why there is virtually no bad sports journalism today. You're welcome.

Every year for the past one years, Deadspin has invited us to reunite on their site and comment on the worst sports journalism of the year. It's a tradition celebrated in every corner of the internet, assuming those corners care one way or the other about the idea of bad sports journalism being commented on. We would like to thank Deadspin for having the guts to give us a forum to stick it to the man. Because if they didn't, we'd have to, I don't know, get another blogger account or something, which is a pain in the ass.


The articles we examine today range from "quite recent" to "old, musty, and picked-over," but they're all from 2010, which is what really counts, if you don't think about it too hard. Apologies for the older and mustier of these gems. Double apologies for situations wherein we cite stats that were accurate at the moment of writing, and are less so now. Triple apologies for the Franzenesque length of some of these suckers. But no apologies at all for the cursing. We will never apologize for the cursing. (Seriously, actually, sorry about some of the cursing.)

So, are you ready to have some crummy sportswriting histrionically attacked as if it were existentially threatening our very humanity? You are?

In that case...

We are Fire Joe Morgan. And we are here today to rock your world.

(Assuming your world is rocked by the histrionic attacking of shoddy sports journalism.)


(It is? Then read on, friend!)

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