In just a couple of hours Brady Quinn will ditch the clipboard and gallantly sprint to the front of the huddle to rescue the Cleveland Browns from their 3-5 misery. Americans who have the NFL Network as part of their premium cable packages will scrutinize his poise, his arm strength, and some will simply wonder at what point in the game does he take his shirt off. But a new chapter in the Brady Quinn saga will begin and lucky for him it's against the defense-averse Denver Broncos. I just have a hunch he's going to be enormously successful and we won't hear about Derek Anderson again until this off-season. Cleveland will officially crown its new king. ************* Tonight: Remember to stop by and see Drew, Buzz, Steinberg and a galaxy of other sports blog-related stars who will most likely pop by the Varsity Letters reading tonight. If some of you attend — send me pictures? Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. SKEETS ball.