So, we're all going to be watching Pittsburgh and Dallas, but there are actually four other games—including one in Canada—kicking off shortly! Let's discuss.

Seattle at Buffalo (FOX): Seattle is coming off a 58-0 thumping of the Arizona Cardinals and gets rewarded with a trip to Toronto. They currently hold the first wild card berth in the NFC and could challenge San Francisco for the division next week. The Bills on the other hand, are still technically in the hunt! But really, this will be the 13th year Buffalo has missed the playoffs and Chan Gailley continues to say sad-sack things.

"Now, we don't have many wins to show for it at this point, but I believe we can get there," Gailey said. "And I have a great deal of confidence in the direction we're headed."

Pittsburgh at Dallas (CBS): This is a big game not just for the Steelers and Cowboys, but for many of the teams not actually playing in it. The Giants were manhandled by the Falcons in Atlanta and Washington was able to capitalize with a win over the Browns. If the Cowboys win they will also push their record to 8-6 alongside every single team in the NFC East except Philadelphia. Pittsburgh needs to win to keep pace with the Bengals for the final wild card spot in the AFC.

Detroit at Arizona (FOX): Hey, if you're a fan of one of these two teams, you've got a 50 percent change of not being miserable this evening. Best odds you've had all season.

Carolina at San Diego (FOX): I don't even know about this one. San Diego needs to win out to finish at .500. Just like last year! Norv Turner seems resigned to being fired unless he somehow manages to get into the playoffs. Carolina seems likely to fall just short of its stated purpose. Ah well.


Kansas City at Oakland (CBS): Consolation for the San Diego fan? The Chargers have as many wins as these two combined. Both teams are terrible against the run, which is bad news for them, but good news for us. We should get to see some nice runs from Jamaal Charles and Darren McFadden who was injured last week, but expects to play today.

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