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Baseball blogs come in a few basic varieties. You have the committed fan (Bleeding Pinstripes), the starry-eyed kid (Look Who I Just Interviewed!) and those who have given up entirely and abandoned all perspective and self-respect (I Am Begging the Cardinals to Win the World Series).

But rarely do you see one like Diamond Hacks, an MLB Blog which seems to exist solely to mock the home team. Indeed, Diamond Hacks' logo is an Arizona Diamondbacks trash can. Every post is a vitriolic hate letter to the Diamondbacks, with most of the author's venom reserved for one unfortunate "Diamond Hack" in particular:

"The stadium roof retracts in less time than it takes Shawn Green to fully uncoil his gargantuan uppercut, complete with overblown wiffleball style hitch. The Almighty Swing is so time consuming that it uniquely requires Arizona's RFer to commit to his next looping arc while still finishing his backswing from the previous pitch."

So disgusted is our blogger that he sometimes even turns the gun on himself:

"Welcome to DiamondHacks, where I, an idle, arguably friendless "loser" pontificate ad nauseum on all things Diamondback. I genuinely feel sorry for you for being here — couldn't you be advancing a meaningful relationship, or at least mowing the lawn?"

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