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Welcome To The World League

In one of those glorious creations that could have only come about thanks to the Internet, we proudly introduce you — if you didn't already know — to The World League.

The league consists of teams from all over the planet — including the Tehran Asaurus, Mumbai Monsoon, Khartoum Pachyderms and the Stuttgart Super Eagles — playing ... well, they're not playing any game at all. It's all just randomly generated scores involving some mysterious, fictional game that involves goals and ... just general goofiness.


You can read the "history" of the league here. Our favorite line:

Over the span of 49 illustrious years, 77 cities have had teams in the World League. Fans will remember famous teams from the past, including the Havana Coronas, the Roma Tomate and the defunct Singapore Slingshots.

Tokyo Six and the Hong Kong Dragons dominated the game in the early years. The Dragons winning an amazing seven consecutive championships between 1958 and 1964. Their many stars included Winchester Yung and Golden Barry Lo. Remember Lo's record of 384 goals in the 1962 season? Of course you don't.

You can sponsor a team, or even serve on the front office. Personally, we're eying the Buenos Aires Tango.

The World League [Official Site]

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