We really can't blame ESPN for this, because we suppose somebody has to host something like this, but we have spent that last half an hour giggling about fantasy fishing. We're sure there's someone out there in a smoke-filled poker room, staring down opposing owners in a game of fantasy fishing auction chicken, and, honestly, we might want to meet that person, albeit from a safe distance.

Anyway, since we don't have the foggiest idea what fantasy fishing might entail, we've decided to start up our own Fantasy Fishing ESPN League. We encourage you all to join right here. We have no idea what will happen, or what we're supposed to do, but we think if we get fired up enough, we can take over ESPN's fantasy fishing game. Winner of the Deadspin Fantasy Fishing League will receive a free copy of our book, which, while not exactly a "prize," can at least be chopped into sashimi if necessary. Come on in!

Deadspin Fantasy Fishing [ESPN Outdoors]

(UPDATE: Apparently we're too late to enter "lineups" of "anglers" for this week's "games." Join anyway, and we'll get 'em next week.)


(SECOND UPDATE: Looks like the game site is down right now. Overflow!)