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Welcoming Back Oil Can

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We haven't talked much about the return of Oil Can Boyd, mainly because we haven't really found a story that adequately captures all this is Oil Can-y and Boyd-y about him. We have now found that story. ESPN's Tim Kirk ... (pregnant pause) ... JUN details the best parts of Boyd's comeback with the minor-league Broxton Sox. Here are some highlights:

"I'm writing a book," said the Can. "But it's going to be hard because every day, a new book starts. We're even talking about movie rights: The 'Oil Can' Boyd Story. The newspapers here said Denzel [Washington] or Jamie Foxx might be best to play me, but I'll probably have to play me because as we know, there's only one 'Oil Can' Boyd."

When a Red Sox game was postponed due to fog in Cleveland it was the Can who said, "That's what you get for building a ballpark on the ocean."

And our favorite ...

It was the Can who was not allowed to leave spring training in Winter Haven until he returned some overdue adult movies, which he eventually did, but not before one member of the Red Sox family, in the greatest line ever, called the incident The Can Film Festival.


We wish Boyd — and those two ridiculous earrings — all the luck in the world. Hell, he's younger than Julio Franco.

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