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Well, Here Are The Yankees And Red Sox Bickering Over The Integrity Of Bunting

Photo Credit: Rich Schultz/Getty

The Yankees beat the Red Sox, 6-2, tonight. The game included a first-inning bunt by Boston second baseman Eduardo Nuñez, which greatly displeased Yankees starter C.C. Sabathia, and now we have another riveting chapter in the storied rivalry between these two franchises.

Sabathia—who just came off the disabled list after dealing with a knee injury—struggled to field the bunt and was charged with a throwing error on the play. He made his frustration with Nuñez evident right away:


After the game, he didn’t hesitate to call Nuñez out and label him as weak and cowardly:


Nuñez had some thoughts to share on the matter, too:


Just meet out in centerfield, boys:

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