Well, That Was An Enormous Disaster: Seattle Beat Green Bay, In Three GIFs

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Green Bay, Seattle : Aaron Rogers was sacked 9 times tonight and only a few times did he do it to himself. There was a bizarre fight in the end zone when Greg Jennings was just tackled out of nowhere. No throw, no blocking, guy just tackled him for some reason and Jennings did not appreciate it. Seattle almost threw the game away with an interception late in the fourth after Green Bay took the lead but a phantom roughing call negated it. Which was followed up shortly by a terrible defensive pass interference play that put Seattle inside the Green Bay 20 with 6 minutes to go. And yeah, that final play was an absolute disaster. Golden Tate just shoved a defender out of the way, M.D. Jennings seemingly made the interception and Tate tried to weasel it away, and one official bought it. Game over. They may or may not have to go through the charade of a two point conversion, but I can't be bothered to wait find out and neither should you.


You know it was a good shot because it wasn't a red one: This one is thanks to wonderful veteran commenter Suss—

Impressive: On the move, across his body and about 35 yards downfield, on the numbers. Most impressive.

The interception should still stand if only for Kevin Greene's reaction: The aforementioned interception that was not, was initially celebrated by the Packers outside linebacker coach Kevin Greene with great gusto.