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Well, This is Just Sad In Every Way: Tommie Smith To Sell His Gold Medal

Forty-two years ago, Smith set a world record in the 200 meters. On the podium, he and John Carlos raised their fists, in what would become an enduring symbol of the Olympics and the Civil Rights movement. Everything has a price.

Smith is selling his gold medal from those Mexico City games, along with the red Pumas he wore in the final. I know it's nothing new for athletes to make some cash for their treasured memories (browse the rings for sale here, if you want to bum yourself out), but Smith's protest is something that transcended sports. The artifacts belong with Smith, or in a museum, not on an auction block.


But they'll probably fetch a pretty penny for Smith, since the starting bid will be $250,000. "He is doing it for the money," admits the auction house owner, "but not because he is desperate." Sure.

Oh, and here's the saddest part: "He didn't include the famous glove in the auction because Smith doesn't know where it is."

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