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Want to know why alleged Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho struggled so much during the World Cup? It wasn't the world-class competition, the pressure of the international stage or being hypnotized by teammate Ronaldo's gut. It was orgasms and video games.

British tabloid The Sun says that Ronaldinho's poor showing was due to some off-field lovefests and plenty of PlayStation 2. In an interview with his girlfriend, French model Alexandra Paressant, the femme says that the soccer star would break team rules and sneak into her hotel room to "make love all night" and unwind by playing 2006 FIFA World Cup on the PlayStation 2. The Star implies that it wasn't the marathon sex sessions that left him worn out for competition. "Instead, [Paressant] says, his habit of playing PlayStation after their romps may have knocked his form."

All told, this is not a terrible reason to play poorly in the World Cup. Sex with a French model, followed by all-night PlayStation. It's just like college, if you replace "French model" with "pillow and/or various visions of character actress Margaret Colin." But perhaps we've said too much.

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