You might have heard about Jeff Adams, the world-class wheelchair athlete who claimed a woman placed cocaine in his mouth, and that's why he later failed a drug test. (This inspired WBRS Sports Blog to note "it really makes you wonder what kind of person would forcibly put cocaine into the mouth of of person in a wheelchair.")

Well, it seems Adams is stating his case in the most reliable, esteemed venue possible: Posting anonymously on message boards.

I was in a bar, sitting next to a woman who was on cocaine - I had been talking to her, and at some point, I stopped being interested in doing that. I told her that I was really tired, and didn't want to talk to her any more. She got pretty upset about that, and in her head, I think she thought that she would be helping me by giving me cocaine (I would no longer be tired). In the drug culture, people share cocaine all the time, and taking cocaine orally is quite common in public (I've learned), because all that needs to happen is for the substance to get to a mucous membrane, and taking it orally is a much less obvious way to do it. She turned to me, and put her hands up near my face - I had no idea what she was going to do, and she had been quite "touchy feely" up to that point, so I really didn't see it coming. She put her fingers in my mouth, and that's how it happened.


We find Adams' explanation strangely compelling and hope he's telling the truth. Though we have a lot of friends who would love to meet that woman at a bar, we'll say that.

Now That's What I Call A Doping Story [WBRS Sports Blog]