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We're Back From The Snack Bar; What'd We Miss?

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We here at Deadspin are proud to announce our first unassisted triple play. We're so proud. Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki worked the magic against the Braves in the seventh inning of a tie game on Sunday. With runners on first and second, Tulowitzki caught Chipper Jones' line drive, then stepped on second to double up Kelly Johnson, and tagged Edgar Renteria between first and second. He also threw to first to beat the runner there, a fourth out which we think should be applied toward the next inning.


We love the triple play; possibly the greatest momentum-changer in sports, and one of the few baseball records that is steroid-proof. You've got runners on base, no one out, a world of possibilities before you. And after one pitch, you're out in the field playing defense. Is there a better example of how, just when you think you have things figured out, life can turn on you? We think not. It was the 13th unassisted triple play in baseball history, the previous one coming in 2003 by Rafael Furcal of the Braves. There were none between 1927 and 1968, by the way, and only five since. But this doesn't impress the scoreboard operator at Coors Field, evidently. According to Up In The Rockies, they didn't even acknowledge it.

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