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A reader sent in a tip regarding a streaker at the Royals/Cardinals game Friday night. The streaker, a tattooed, mohawked Cardinals fan in boxer shorts, stole the 1985 Royals World Series flag, ran into left field, and, according to the tipster, was then beaten down by a combination of police, the Royals ball boy, and the Royals mascot.

And given these new rules for streaking from CityRag, the young man in question displayed some very poor form. I agree, streaking is pretty much played out, with a few exceptions. But this chap wasn't particularly creative, or funny, or female... he was simply unappealing in every possible way. Here's some video of the event (kinda). They refuse to show anything but the guy being cuffed and led away while sticking his tongue out, but the commentators are appreciative of the bat boy who went after him.

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Edit: I'm told that the flag-stealing and the streaker were, in fact, seperate incidents. Still would've been nice to see one of those cops use their billy clubs, though.