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Illustration for article titled Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant Reported By Associated Press For Some Reason

It's not even the weirdness of the AP treating Wes Welker's hair transplant as news:

Welker had the procedure done in Cranston this month during a five-hour session. It involved transplanting follicles to the parts of Welker's scalp where his hair had begun thinning.


Welker should start to see new hair growth in about four months. In the meantime, Leonard says Welker can resume normal activities, including playing football and wearing a helmet.


No, the weird part is that the article reads like a commercial for the Rhode Island doctor that performed the procedure, who is the article's only source, and for whom Welker will be doing radio, print and TV ads in the fall. Which, fine, maybe is sort of newsy from an advertising point of view. But I would very much have liked to have been surprised when that first before-and-after picture of Welker popped up during football season.

Update: So, apparently hair transplant doctor's flack sent out a release this morning, and it was in our inbox, and we just ignored it. Turns out the AP is more receptive to rewriting press releases than we expected.

Patriots wide receiver Welker has hair transplant [AP]

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