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We've A New Contender For The Title Of Worst Ceremonial First Pitch Of All Time

The look on the face White Sox pitcher Evan Marshall, doing the catching for the ceremonial first pitch ahead of Tuesday night’s Royals-White Sox game, tells you something. That is not the expression of a man who has a lot of confidence in the person doing the hurling. That expression says this may not be a real great idea. The problem is, the person who would most benefit from that message in this scenario has his expensive camera trained not on the person doing the nervous grinning, but on the person holding the projectile. Alas.


Here’s another angle, from a Twitter user who claims to the daughter of this ah effectively wild pitcher:

It’s a genuine shame so few people were in attendance in Chicago to watch this moment of baseball history. There have been many awful ceremonial first pitches over the years, but this is quite possibly the worst.

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