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At first, when we heard about Fan For Hire, we yawned a bit. At first glance, it's just another sports fan trying to make a bit of cash by "auctioning off" his "loyalty." We have no problem with this — there are so few opportunities sports fans have to actually make money rather than, you know, shovel it directly into people's pockets — but still find it somewhat over and done with.

But we love Fan For Hire. Why? Well, the site's purveyor is a Cardinals fan who is willing to be bought to become a Cubs fan. Horrific, right? Against the law of nature. But here's the fun part, in the fine print: He's looking for $10,000 ... to cheer for the Cubs during one game. If you want him to root for the Cubs a second game, it's gonna cost you another 10 grand.

That's a very high priced hoo-ar. We respect that.

Fan For Hire [Official Site]