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We've Got A Rogue Hogette On The Loose

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You know about the Redskins' porcine cross-dressers' club. But did you know they're very exclusive? This is the strangest Redskins story you'll read Maybe.


The story's a couple of weeks old, but we'd be remiss in not lauding Washington's City Paper for their investigative work on such an important topic. We'd also be remiss in not piling on Skins fans.

And besides, the bootleg "Stephette Hogette" is still on the lam.

It started when the Hogette's released a statement on various message boards, most likely through their PR Hogette:

It has come to our attention that an individual is representing himself to be a Hogette. Please be aware that 'HOGETTES' is a Registered Trademark and the Hogette likeness is COPYWRITED. He is currently in violation of both federal and state statutes.

Ignore the wonderful typo. If they've got it trademarked, then goddamnit, fake Hogette is breaking laws. This isn't fun and games, people. And it gets worse, says one blogger:

It is not that he is just dressing like them, claiming to be one of them etc," Huly wrote, "but that he is harming fans under their name. He is dangerous to women and possibly children."

Stephette Hogette, Huly said, "tries to give young women tickets to attend a game with him and [what] I have heard from other fans is he tries to inappropriately touch women and makes sexual advances and inappropriate comments."

Pretty damning stuff, but City Paper does its duty and tracks down Stephette — real name Steve Rasnikov from Brooklyn, NY — to give him a chance to respond.

This is war now," Rasnikov says. "I used to respect those guys. I sat with them in the Pigpen at games. They accepted me. But then they started hanging out with Bird Man [an Eagles mascot]. This shows how corporate those guys have gotten. They don't like that Stephette Hogette is getting attention. I'm going to tailgates, they're nowhere to be found. Stephette is a Hogette for the people, like Jesus.


But with a snout, panties, and a BAC of 0.19%

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